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iPhone Photographers

With thousands upon thousands of different photography apps littering the Apple App Store…which one do you choose? We’ve compiled a list to help you decide. Snapseed Snapseed is a powerful editing app, allowing for filters and more advanced adjustments of exposure, colour, sharpness and highlights and shadows. You can customise your filters for quick and [...]

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The Ultimate in Pocket Protection

Let’s just kick this blog post off by saying that this is not us undercutting ourselves. There are at least a dozen ways to break your phone, we know, we’ve seen some serious destruction and you just can’t fool proof them. Face it, a Smart Phone doesn’t even compare to the Nokia’s of the 90’s, [...]

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Let’s talk about screens baby, let’s talk about you and me

All our phones have them (although I've received a few in for repair that didn't you know who you are…) and all of us break them. They are the most used part and one of the most important parts of the device that we use the most. We spend more time on our smartphones than [...]

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